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66.07% BINNED
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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice BINNEDStarted to become quite hard. Utterly joylessHis son was much better at it and it was starting to get embarrasing. Played it again in 2024 and lasted half a stream. Played it again the next day and binned it AGAIN. Limmy Bins THRICE1+27/02/2024
Pacific Drive BINNEDHe enjoyed it. Liked how it looked and the survival aspects. "I get it"He did play it for a few days and enjoyed it. Then binned it after getting the idea1+23/02/2024
Dark Souls III COMPLETEDHe's playing it again but this time it's a DEX buildMcCunto returns13/02/2024
Dark Souls II COMPLETEDThoroughly COMPLETED along with the DLCSir Craig IS BACK. He seemed to enjoy it.1+19/01/2024
Press X to Not Die BINNEDJust turned it off and said "right"Tried it for 5 minutes, kept dying, binned.1+18/01/2024
Valorant BINNEDTechnical issuesThe game messed up his camera and made it look like he was doing something very rude1+18/01/2024
Alan Wake II BINNEDHe's wants to play stuff that he's intoSpent ages messing around with the settings and brightness. Alan Binned1+16/01/2024
Forever Skies BINNEDPreferred to grind away off stream1+13/01/2024
Jump King BINNEDToo hardWatched someone finish it on YouTube instead. Gave it another go in 2024 but binned it again. Too hard.1+12/01/2024
Close to the Sun BINNEDSaid it was too darkAs in the game lighting was dark. Not the game was too dark1+12/01/2024
A Highland Song BINNEDHe said it looked good and he liked that it was in Scotland1+11/01/2024
Stardew Valley BINNEDBadly designed UIHuff. Wasted all his money on Joja-Cola. Played it again in 2024 and enjoyed it but then binned it1+09/01/2024
Sunkenland BINNEDPlayed it for a bit and then put DBD on1+05/01/2024
Ori and the Will of the Wisps BINNEDPlayed it for a bit and enjoyed itBinned it so he could do another FMV. Brought it back for another go but then binned it but is playing it off the stream1+02/01/2024
Milo and the Christmas Gift COMPLETEDLovely. Thumbs Up.29/12/2023
FIFA 23 BINNEDNever played the cup finalPut the difficulty on amateur and won every game easily. Pointless.1+28/12/2023
The Exit 8 COMPLETEDHe really liked it. Sad it was an "ideal wee game"21/12/2023
LEGO Fortnite BINNEDBinned it off streamCouldn't be bothered when he needed to put some work in1+11/12/2023
Minecraft BINNEDNot binnedHe seems to be holding villagers hostage so he can force them to compete in some sort of survival Olympics1+24/11/2023
Killer Frequency BINNEDJust said "nope" and turned it off1+23/11/2023
Jusant BINNEDSaid "Fuck this" and looked on YouTube for the ending1+13/11/2023
This Bed We Made BINNEDHe didn't want to walk from this room to that and figure out the puzzles. Also said that he had a coldBinned within an hour. No patience at all1+07/11/2023
The Talos Principle II BINNEDSaid it was because he didn't get to look at the chat while playing. Also the bitrate was annoying himPuzzles far too hard for him so he binned it1+06/11/2023
Slay the Princess BINNEDNot his cup of teaHighly rated game that got farted on within 45 minutes1+31/10/2023
Cities: Skylines II BINNEDCouldn't be arsed with it and didn't see what was different about it from the first oneFar too complicated for him.1+25/10/2023
Total: 545