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65.66% BINNED
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Last Binned: Killer Frequency
Binned: 174 Completed: 91
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Minecraft PLAYING24/11/2023
Killer Frequency BINNEDJust said "nope" and turned it off1+23/11/2023
Jusant BINNEDSaid "Fuck this" and looked on YouTube for the ending1+13/11/2023
This Bed We Made BINNEDHe didn't want to walk from this room to that and figure out the puzzles. Also said that he had a coldBinned within an hour. No patience at all1+07/11/2023
The Talos Principle II BINNEDSaid it was because he didn't get to look at the chat while playing. Also the bitrate was annoying himPuzzles far too hard for him so he binned it1+06/11/2023
Slay the Princess BINNEDNot his cup of teaHighly rated game that got farted on within 45 minutes1+31/10/2023
Cities: Skylines II BINNEDCouldn't be arsed with it and didn't see what was different about it from the first oneFar too complicated for him.1+25/10/2023
Cocoon BINNEDNot got the same atmosphere as LimboPuzzles far too hard for him so he binned it1+09/10/2023
The Isle Tide Hotel COMPLETEDGot the worst ending03/10/2023
Ori and the Will of the Wisps BINNEDPlayed it for a bit and enjoyed itBinned it so he could do another FMV1+29/09/2023
Descenders BINNEDBinned with no commentBMX game that lasted 4 minutes1+28/09/2023
Hypnospace Outlaw BINNEDSaid he enjoyed it and he got the ideaLazy1+28/09/2023
Doom BINNEDSaid he had made his point and then quit1+28/09/2023
Crusadar Kings III BINNEDDidn't want to read any of the game mechanics and it would be shite for the streamNo chance of ever finishing it1+27/09/2023
Shredders BINNEDBinned without reasonHe just said "right....next"1+27/09/2023
SpiderHeck BINNEDPlayed it for 5 minutesNo idea why he even bothered1+27/09/2023
Dordogne BINNEDSaid there was too much reading in it1+27/09/2023
Townscaper BINNEDGame was played for 10 minutes1+26/09/2023
My Friend Peppa Pig BINNEDSaid he'd "leave it there for now"Never came back to it1+26/09/2023
Planet of Lana BINNEDSaid he got the idea then quitToo hard for him1+25/09/2023
Lies of P BINNEDGot quite far through it but gave up near the end and watched the ending on YouTube insteadCouldn't beat one of the bosses so chucked it1+19/09/2023
Nour: Play With Your Food BINNEDBinned without reason1+18/09/2023
The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo BINNEDSaid he'd come back tomorrowNever did1+18/09/2023
Void Stranger BINNEDSaid "nah" and then binned itPut DBD on1+14/09/2023
IMMORTALITY BINNEDDidn't want to spend the time watching all the scenesGave it a good go but it was soon added to the binned pile. Looked up the ending on YouTube1+11/09/2023
Total: 532