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66.25% BINNED
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Last Binned: Project Zomboid
Binned: 210 Completed: 107
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Still Wakes the Deep COMPLETEDEnjoyed itSomeone spoiled the Limmy easter egg19/06/2024
Project Zomboid BINNEDWould have taken too many hours. Game was a bit small¯\_(ツ)_/¯1+18/06/2024
Little Kitty, Big City BINNEDJust sneered at the screenTook the piss out of it the entire time he played it (20 minutes). No idea why he bothered1+12/06/2024
Humanity BINNEDGot the idea1+11/06/2024
Lorelei and the Laser Eyes BINNEDNice puzzle gameJust shouted "fuck off" a lot and then binned it1+10/06/2024
Platform 8 COMPLETEDHe completed it10/06/2024
Chants of Sennaar COMPLETEDHe seemed to enjoy itCan't believe he had the patience for this03/06/2024
Peaks of Yore BINNEDHe did play a few levelsClimbed a few things for a bit and then it was binned after a seagull kept knocking him off1+31/05/2024
Duck Detective: The Secret Salami BINNEDMade him feel stupidFairs1+30/05/2024
Horizon Forbidden West BINNEDGave it a shotPlayed it for a few days1+28/05/2024
An English Haunting BINNEDEndless clicking and reading. Not into it1+27/05/2024
Satisfactory BINNEDPre-emptive bin. Thought it might get too much and potentially be a little boringFirst played in 2021, binned AGAIN in 20242+22/05/2024
ANIMAL WELL BINNEDJust said "fuck that" when he learned there was more of the gameHe did complete quite a bit1+14/05/2024
INDIKA BINNEDFell asleep playing. It was making him glumHe was itching to play DBD too1+08/05/2024
Manor Lords BINNEDCould not be arsedCut his losses1+30/04/2024
Bramble: The Mountain King BINNEDEnded on a death. BinnedKept falling off1+30/04/2024
Another Crab's Treasure BINNEDNot a bad wee gameBINNED1+29/04/2024
Harold HALIBUT BINNEDSaid it wasn't the game.....it was himIt's not you......it's me1+24/04/2024
Botany Manor COMPLETEDSaid he enjoyed it and it was just the right lengthHe did it17/04/2024
Dark Souls COMPLETEDHe is dipping in and out of it15/04/2024
Open Roads BINNEDPretended he completed the game and turned it offYapping simulator1+15/04/2024
Return to Grace BINNEDEnoughs enoughJust said "fuck it" then turned it off1+11/04/2024
Please, Touch The Artwork 2 COMPLETEDLovely wee game10/04/2024
Lazaret BINNEDSaid he got the idea"New game tomorrow"1+09/04/2024
Total: 579